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Here at Beachton Denture Clinic and Dental Center, our dentist routinely recommends that your son or daughter have their wisdom teeth removed in late adolescence after all of their permanent teeth have emerged. This is a good time in their life to do it as a preventative measure against future complications.

If their wisdom teeth are near the surface and not impacted, we can often extract them in our office. If one or more wisdom teeth are impacted, we will likely refer them to an oral surgeon, where they can be sedated and the teeth surgically extracted.

Most people have four wisdom teeth, but it is not unheard of some individuals to have as many as six wisdom teeth.

The first wisdom tooth usually starts to show signs of emergence in the gums sometime in late adolescence. Early symptoms often include a deep ache in the gums or rear of the jaw. Some people complain of tension and pressure in the jaw muscles as well.

Emerging wisdom teeth often become crowded in the back of the mouth and some can even become impacted or trapped within the gums. This could threaten the roots of healthy molars and lead to other serious complications, including pain.

Even if one or two of your son or daughter’s wisdom teeth manages to emerge from the gums without complications, it will still require twice-daily brushing and flossing. Emergent wisdom teeth are often challenging to clean, making them prone to tooth decay.

If your son or daughter is starting to feel an ache or pain in their jaw or other signs of wisdom tooth emergence, you should call Beachton Denture Clinic and Dental Center in Thomasville, Georgia at 1-800-521-7275 to determine the best course of action.